How To Apply For Cable Storm Credits, Westchester

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Lines throughout Westchester County are still being repaired in the days after Hurricane Sandy. Cable and satellite customers may be eligible for post-storm credits from providers for the days service was out. Photo Credit: Anna Helhoski

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y.  -Westchester residents who lost cable and satellite service during Hurricane Sandy may be eligible to get free credits from several providers, but they have to ask for it.

Cablevision, Comcast, Time Warner Cable, DirecTV, Verizon Fios and Dish Network are all offering similar credit or equipment policies for the period of time in which a customer's service was disrupted.

“Many of our customers have been severely impacted by Hurricane Sandy,” Kristin Dolan, Cablevision’s senior executive vice president of product management and marketing, said in a release. “In addition, customers will not be responsible for any damage to Cablevision equipment caused by the storm, and will be able to exchange damaged equipment at no cost.”

More than 1,000 customers with Optimum service from Cablevision have regained power, but have not had cable restored. There are about 94,373 Optimum households in Westchester County that were still without power Sunday.

Customers can call Cablevision within 30 days of service restoration to request the credit, the company said Friday. For more information, visit the Optimum website.

• Verizon Fios customers can visit the company’s support page.
• Comcast customers can visit the company’s Hurricane Sandy information page.
• Time Warner Cable customers can visit the company’s hurricane support page.
• DirecTV customers can visit the company’s answers page.
• Dish Network customers can visit the company’s support page.

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Comments (11)


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Thanks for sharing, this information is so helpful.


Comcast is not planning to give out any credit for down power. My phone, internet and cable TV were down from Monday 10/29 - Sunday 11/4.
When I called I spoke to Comcast employee Emanual ID# 100629775. He said because we did not have electricity they were not responsible and would not credit me. If you were given credit, who did you speak to?


They need to be contacted by phone.


gweiss36 - I bow to your altruism. Very beautiful idea <3


i went on cable site but did not see any info on refunds or credits.


I assume we can't get credit it the service was on when we got our power back. BTW I drove down Broad Street today and saw several Verizon employees working on rebuilding their lines. I knew some trees came down there but the level of destruction of the poles and wires was amazing.


Can cablevision provide a simple option to donate one's credits to the relief efforts? Feels petty to try to get $20 or so when there are people in much greater need.

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