Cuomo: Gas Is On Its Way To Westchester

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Dozens of gas stations throughout Westchester were out of fuel this week.
Dozens of gas stations throughout Westchester were out of fuel this week. Photo Credit: Andrew Meola

WESTCHESTER, N.Y. - Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo announced Saturday that gasoline is on its way to Westchester and the rest of the state.

Cuomo said more than "8 million gallons of gasoline and other petroleum products are on hand and more than 28 million gallons are being delivered to operating New York terminals," according to a news release. 

While there is still a fuel shortage throughout New York as a result of Hurricane Sandy, "actions to address the issue are being executed as planned," according to the release.

“The shortage of gasoline in the New York-metro area has caused major inconveniences for our residents, and the state must take every action possible to address this issue,” Cuomo said in the release. “Although there is much work to be done, I have directed the state to temporarily suspend gasoline distribution related requirements so gasoline and other fuels can be transported throughout the region and New Yorkers can return to life as normal as quickly as possible.”

On Friday, Cuomo signed an Executive Order to allow distributors and transporters to bring gasoline, diesel and kerosene into New York without having to meet the usual registration requirements, according to the release. The Governor’s Executive Order temporarily suspended the registration requirements. Saturday, Cuomo signed an Executive Order easing restrictions on vapor pressure requirements.

  • 17

Comments (17)

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Wow. I just got back from the BP in Ossining (only Super available now) with only a 20 minute wait. Some guy in a 328i decided to take advantage of the small space in front of me as I was putting my son's work van back into drive to weave his way in front of me in the middle of the line, cutting in front of only about 6 cars. When I asked him why he felt he had to do that, he had the nerve to be self righteous and tell me he "thought I was broken down". I told him it was okay, if it was that important to him, but c'mon..not nice. For that, I was called a martyr. Go figure. he gained a whole 5 minutes in the end. As I'm writing this, the phone rang and my neighbor (who was with me) told me the driver in question only got 13 dollars worth of gas before his pump ran out. Hmmm...moral?

why are the dirt bag owners of the gas station in the photo charging $4.09 for regular gas? that's the real story here and you missed it Nathan.

You are right Jcaljcal, I noticed that too.

What about Putnam ????

Don't worry Putnam....Westchester doesn't have it either. It's all an election day illusion. Sounds good, but try to go out and find some gas. You end up driving and using up the gas you have left in your car, only to find out that the stations don't have gas and they have no idea when its coming. They are being lied too. Then, when you finally find a station, it's 2-3 hours on line. I'm not complaining....I'm much, much luckier than soooo many people out there. I'm just tired of the political PR that's meaningless.

I don't think Cuomo is waiting on line for gas, do you?

That's within the "rest of the state" in the first sentence.

How can you report price gouging !!

The AG's office.

Hot air is also on its way!

Why don't you go out and help a neighbor, volunteer in distributing warm clothes to people who are without power or have become homeless, donate blood or food - something productive - rather than sitting at your computer and heckling? I don't approve of the way every last thing is being handled, but by and large Cuomo and Feiner are doing a good job of getting things done and keeping us informed. And I am sick and tired of jerks on the sidelines making stupid wisecracks that accomplish nothing. At least if you were actually funny it might lighten the mood, but you're not.

I agree with teevoz - if we could have 10 gallons for our generators that would be amazing. We are set to be without power until the 9th in Cortlandt Manor. Without gas, our generators will not work and we will freeze. I have four kids.. Good Job Cuomo. Now for CONED... Nov 9th is too far away!

Have you tried the Hess on 202? I filled up there (albeit in the middle of the night) with only a 45 minute wait. Mount Kisco also has stations with gas (neighbor went). They said they were on their way to the Danbury area to look when the wife said "let's try MK" and they turned back and had success; less of a wait than for me.

Those tankers hit the shores on Thursday, btw. (Source: NYS Police) Hang in there. We'll get through this.

This is great news - updates on locations and lines would be appreciated when available. Paul Feiner is asking for emergency mobile distribution trucks like those being deployed in the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island and on Long Island - that would help us tremendously, and they are providing 10 gallons of gas - free - so very welcome.

I agree, some notice in the when and where would make all the difference. Hunting all over the county and into CT to fill gas cans was an adventure only once or twice!