Eastchester’s 350th Anniversary Starts With Lecture By Author Ziegelman

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Eastchester is kicking off its 350th anninvesary year with a free lecture at Concordia College. Photo Credit: Concordia College

EASTCHESTER, N.Y. -- Eastchester is kicking off its 350th anniversary year with a free lecture by Jane Ziegelman, author of "97 Orchard," in the Sommer Center at Concordia College on Sunday, Jan. 26 at 3 p.m.

Ziegelman’s book is an edible history of five immigrant families who brought their food passions to New York and managed the challenges of producing family meals in adverse circumstances.

Since each of these families lived at 97 Orchard Street, the current home of the Lower East Side Tenement Museum, she placed the families in a context, tracing the immigration movement of the nineteenth century.

The work also includes a realistic look at life at Ellis Island and the unique food terminology of the foreign-born groups that has contributed to today’s common English.

A book-signing and community reception will follow Ms. Ziegelman’s talk.

Copies of the book may be borrowed from the Eastchester, Tuckahoe or Bronxville libraries.

Some are also available on Kobo or Kindle for large-print readability. For library card holders, the book may be reserved online through the Westchester Library System.

The book is available at Womrath’s Bookshop in Bronxville or at the college on the afternoon of the talk.

Concordia College is located at 171 White Plains Road in Bronxville.

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