Astorino To Announce Gubernatorial Run In Wednesday Morning Online Video

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Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino will be announcing if he will be running for Governor of New York via a video news release on Wednesday, according to a Tweet he posted Tuesday morning.
Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino will be announcing if he will be running for Governor of New York via a video news release on Wednesday, according to a Tweet he posted Tuesday morning. Photo Credit: File

UPDATE, 9:45 p.m., Tuesday:

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. -- Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino's official announcement declaring his candidacy for governor will come Wednesday at 11 a.m. in a video message at

Astorino's team described the event as a "video news release" on Wednesday evening and said he "will announce his decision on whether to enter the race for governor."

An Astorino run became all but certain when Daily Voice reported exclusively Feb. 13 that the same website used for Astorino's re-election campaign for county executive last fall was relaunched as "Rob Astorino for Governor" on that date, a month after Astorino publicly said he was "leaning" toward running for governor.

ORIGINAL REPORT, 11:50 a.m., Tuesday:

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. -- Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino will announce whether he will run for governor Wednesday, according to a Tweet he posted Tuesday morning.

"Announcing decision on whether to run for governor of NY in video news release Wednesday.  Time and details to follow. Please Stay tuned," the Tweet read.

The second-term county executive would be running against incumbent and Westchester native Andrew Cuomo. 

Check back with Daily Voice for updates.


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Comments (18)

Our family and friends will not vote for Astorino now that he has appointed murphy to be the commissioner of taxes for westchester.

Paul Feiner campaigns 24/7 on taxpayer dollars. He uses Town resources to keep his name in the minds of Greenburgh voters with his constant, duplicative mailings to let us know what a great job he is doing. He campaigned several years ago for a Senate seat - I don't recall his giving back any portion of his salary while he was campaigning. More than salaries, I would love to see the time sheets these elected officials provide to the State with regard to retirement service time. I'll betcha they don't reduce their service time by campaign hours. To them it's one and the same at a drastic cost to the taxpayers not just during the time they are campaigning but well after they retire and collect their pensions. I'm not an Astorino fan but I loathe the contradiction and dishonety of Feiner more. You have to wonder what his agenda is - maybe he's planning a run for County Exec. - that would be great, we could finally rid Greenburgh of him!

Ding! Give the man a cigar!

Rob can win if he concentrates on the following: Fracking in upstate/western NY to create thousands of jobs as America moves towards energy independence; overturning the highly-political SAFE Act, shoved down our throats by Cuomo, which has led to at least one NY gun manufacturer to leave NY for a state that welcomes their job creation; and lowering of taxes by focusing on savings from waste, fraud and fiscal abuses over the years.

Yawn.....didn't he announce on election eve and ten times or more that he was running....should be a spirited race....he might even do a bit better then Andy O"Rourke but the end result I don't think will be to his liking....

He may not be able to beat Cuomo, but I'm still glad he's going to run. I look forward to hearing how he will change the state for the better.

GOV. CUOMO IS OUT OF TOUCH: It seems as if Cuomo is more concerned about giving free college to prison inmates than saving jobs here in NY State.

That's right, Cuomo, if he gets his way, will be using YOUR TAX DOLLARS to provide college education to rapists, murderers, pedophiles, muggers, domestic abusers, etc. So if you want to vote for him in November, you're part of the problem that is causing NY State to lose 8,705 people per month who leave NY for freer, less taxed states like Florida.

NY State under Cuomo Governorship: 
570 jobs lost-Sikorsky Aircraft-closed
174 jobs lost -Dal-Tile Corp-closed
592 jobs lost- Archcare Inc-closing
375 jobs lost- Ralcorp- closing 2 plants
84 jobs lost- Vette Thermal Solutions – moving to NH 
350 jobs lost -Daikin McQuay-moving Auburn plant to Tennessee
86 jobs lost-Oberdorfer foundry in DeWitt, NY is closing in May
65 jobs lost - Advanced Monolythic Ceramics in Olean – moving to CA
35 jobs lost-Bombardier Mass transit – closing
50 jobs lost-Spectrum Plastics – closing
160 jobs lost-Menands company (Albany International) – moving to NH by end of 2013
700 jobs lost-IBM June 2013
400 jobs Bausch & Lomb HQ leaving Rochester, NY
2,000 jobs lost - Remington expanding $32m ammunition plant outside Cuomo's business & 2nd Rights hostile NY
100+ Jobs Kahr Firearms Group - heading to Pennsylvania to avoid business risks faced in NY under Cuomo
200 jobs lost - December 2013 update: General Electric has announced it will move 200 jobs from its capacitor plant in Fort Edward, NY to Florida in order to cut costs.
600 jobs lost - Alcoa's decision to shut down the Massena East plant announced January 2014.
525 jobs lost - The Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp. announced Tuesday January 22, 2014 that it will be closing its Old Mill Road plant in the next two to three years, a move that will affect hundreds of local employees.
300 jobs lost - Penguin Group USA Incorporated a/k/a Penguin Random House announced the elimination of ~ 300 jobs - going to Westminster, Md. and Crawfordsville, Ind. and out of NY State by year end.

Unfortunately, NY ranks last in the United States as far as business friendly environments. Cuomo is no friend to NY State Business & it's time for him to go.

VOTE 11.4.14

oh sure-like us seniors really want the state to have the same miserable budget that Westchester county has-go Andy

I will do everything I can to ensure that this tea bagging plutocrat stays in his cave.

Rob has every right to run for Governor. But, I think it's wrong for him to accept his $160,000+ county taxpayer funded salary if he isn't going to show up for work 40 hours a week. He's a county employee. And, county employees who don't work don't get paid. Why should he be treated differently?
Running for Governor is a full time job.Raising the millions of dollars needed for a race for Governor is also a full time activity. Between now and November Westchester will have no functioning County Executive.
Greenburgh Town Supervisor

You're hilarious.

Ah, well do I remember the day Andy Cuomo resigned the Attorney General's office when he decided to run for Governor of New York.

Those good old "Do as I say, not as I do" Democrats, with the hapless Feiner leading the parade.

Really. You can't make this sh*t up.

Astorino doesn't stand a chance of winning, and I don't know why he even wants to waste his time. Maybe he wants to get some statewide recognition. But the Cuomo Democrat political machine will retain its leader in the Governor position for another term, even with all the lies Cuomo has been disseminating.

Just wait until the Cuomo - Clinton - Silver - deBlasio Crew starts putting the hate on.

Rob will not stand a chance when the media acolytes pick up the hate spouted by the Crew.

The big money NYC Republicans are supporting Cuomo so why bother Rob.

As long as the NY gun owners come out to vote anyone can remove this gun grabber from office. Cuomo MUST be stopped in his tracks before he heads for the White House!

Unfortunately he doesn't have a chance of winning.

Go Rob!!