Astorino Attacks Cuomo For Taxpayer-Funded Hurricane Sandy Ads

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WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. -- Westchester County Executive and Republican gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino is attacking Governor Andrew Cuomo for the use of taxpayer funds to create ads about New York's recovery from Hurricane Sandy, according to

Cuomo was given permission by the federal government to spend up to $30 million for a television campaign to help spark tourism in the areas hardest hit by Hurricane Sandy. Astorino claimed the funds could have been allocated to better initiatives, said. 

Astorino then went on to criticize the governor for the $5 million "Start Up NY" ad campaign designed to lure businesses to New York State, Capital New York reported. 

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Comments (11)

New York State invested in a series of tourism ads to drive vacation dollars to those counties, many of which featured small businesses in the impacted areas. Under Governor Cuomo's leadership, New York is building back better than ever.

New York State did not "invest" in the tourism ads. Taxpayer dollars were misappropriated by the Governor. Under Cuomo's leadership (or rather, misleadership), New York continues to deteriorate.

In my opinion, it is not reasonable to spend $30 million for a television campaign to help spark tourism. This amount of money can already go a long way. It can already build a preschool which is more profitable than a television campaign. If there's a will, there's a way. Cuomo could have made other cheaper way to promote tourism.

How about all the money funneled out of our Westchester schools to fund free pre-K is New York City? Free??? Not for us, not for the right reasons. $300,000,000 in cuts to our schools, to fund those who do not work. Disgraceful! Why isn't anyone taking about this?

Sandy's so old news its pathetic that Cuomo hasn't finished the reconstruction job. I knew that $60 billion Christie and Cuomo went begging for was too much. Next thing you know, everyone's going to be complaining about the $15 Tappan Zee toll.

At least Cuomo didn't use his family in the commercials like did NJ Governor. Money should go to areas suffering major loses like Playland. Obviously, Astorino really wants to be Gov. Who will take his place in Westchester?

Good point and let's hope they don't appoint Noam Bramson, the guy who Rob Astorino crushed in last November's election. He's still working on running New Rochelle into the ground with his insane ideas.

Robby is a disgrace. No decency. He has chosen to go negative with unfounded attack ads instead of talking about what he would do for our State. It doesn't mater as he has no chance of winning... none.

Rob will stoop to anything to garner some attention.

I hope our attorney general Schniderman will run at some point. I'd prefer him to Cuomo, but Cuomo is far better than Rob.

cuomo is a disgrace. at least this astorino guy has a sense of decency. i hope new yorkers will vote for astorino this november. remember, cuomo ran for governor 8 years ago and didn't even win the democrat primary, cuomo is a filler between spitzers shenanigans and pattersons lack of democrat party support. astorino will be a good balance for new york.