Astorino Creates New 'Stop Common Core' Ballot Line

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WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. -- Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino  has unveiled a new ballot line on Tuesday called "Stop Common Core," according to multiple reports. 

Astorino said the ballot line has started circulating petitions in order to get the 15,000 required number of signatures to appear on the November ballot as a third-party, the New York Daily News reported.

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Comments (7)

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Uhhh yeah. It is a good plan to let Parents and the school board to decide what's good for our children and for the children that they teach and see and know on a daily basis. The way teachers have been teaching for many many years has been doing wonderful, unless you would like to say any adult 18 and up are stupid or didn't learn correctly... The small group of teachers and political parties that made up this.common core set it up for Themselves.only. they are teaching to test and make our children robots. Well guess what. It failed this year. Kids are on a lower grade level since common core. Great job. Not.

Idiotic. "...vows if elected, to replace it with a new set of standards that de-emphasizes standardized testing and gives more input to local school boards and parents", yeah -- that sounds like a good plan. A 'new' set of standards -- that maybe could be developed by professional educators, and maybe sponsored by a bipartisan organization of the Nation's Governors. All the parents and my fellow school board members would surely endorse that. If only there was a way to develop such a 'new' set of standards....oh, never mind Asstorino, they did that already.

Governor Cuomo you have appointed Thomas Pendergast New York MTA Chief .Please request his first order of Business is to install a handicap and senior citizens a way to exit the North bound train at the Port Chester Station. Right now there is no safe way. Handicapped people and senior citizens cannot exit this station without someone carrying them down a huge flight of stairs. This is illegal and should be rectified immediately.

Why don't all the politicians just go away? Every time they open their mouths, it becomes obvious that they haven't had any exposure to real education.