Westchester Fair, Affordable Housing Expo Set March 9

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The White Plains County Center will host the 2013 Fair and Affordable Housing Expo March 9.
The White Plains County Center will host the 2013 Fair and Affordable Housing Expo March 9. Photo Credit: File Photo

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. – The Westchester County Center will host the 2013 Fair and Affordable Housing Expo from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. March 9, said a press release from county spokeswoman Donna Greene.

“The expo will provide free and extensive information about fair and affordable housing opportunities in Westchester,” said County Executive Robert Astorino in the release. “This is a great way for people to meet with housing professionals, including mortgage lenders and not-for-profit credit counselors.”

There will be various seminars, including those focused on down payments, fair housing and fair lending rights, credit and credit score importance plus many others.

“The event will also include a noon workshop on the Westchester County Housing Settlement and on ‘Homeseeker Online,’ a Web site where visitors are provided with information about affordable homeownership and rental apartment opportunities in Westchester,” the release said. “Those attending can also learn about Fair and Affordable Housing and fair lending, affirmative marketing and the FAH application and selection process.”

For more information, contact Westchester Residential Opportunities online or by calling 428-4507 x 314. You can also find out more information by emailing the Housing Action Council online or by calling 914-332-4144. 

Expo fliers in English and Spanish can be downloaded online. The Westchester County Center is at 198 Central Ave. in White Plains.

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Comments (2)

The Progressives and ├╝ber-liberals in NY are making us the welfare, politically correct, laughing stock of the country. We're the next California, aka Greece. Our family is looking to leave as soon as we can sell. There must be a welfare, Section 8, group home, minority, illegal alien looking to buy our flood-zoned house so they can tear it down, use tax money to increase it three times over and live off the taxpayer dime. Gotta go - literally!

Well let's hope the Feds are happy. They are getting a whole entire show dedicated to showing people how to take from the taxpayers vs working hard and doing for themselves....like me and my family did....working for decades to get a tiny house. The Feds continue to tamper and social engineer - it does great harm. They assume all minorities are stupid and can't do for themselves. It's insulting - they just use minorities as pawns and suckers.
Thank goodness for our County Executive. He is doing this to keep the Feds at bay- they continually try to redefine their own agreement after the fact. Sickening.