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Eastchester Hosts 'Understanding ADHD' Talk Wednesday

Eastchester High School's SEPTA is set to host a presentation on "Understanding ADHD" on Wednesday, May 14.
Eastchester High School's SEPTA is set to host a presentation on "Understanding ADHD" on Wednesday, May 14. Photo Credit: File Photo

EASTCHESTER, N.Y. -- Eastchester High School's Special Education PTA will host a presentation on "Understanding ADHD" on Wednesday, May 14.

The presentation is scheduled for 7 p.m. at Eastchester High School's Library/Media Center. Robert Tudisco, an attorney, consultant and motivational speaker, will present "Understanding ADHD: A View From the Inside." Tudisco is also an adult diagnosed with ADHD.

"So many students struggle at school and at home from impaired executive functioning due to ADHD. This is also magnified in many cases by the co-occurring conditions and/or learning disabilities that are often present," representatives said in a press release. "This presentation will explain ADHD from a neurological as well as practical perspective for students, parents and educators from an adult diagnosed with ADHD. The session will also address the many challenges these students face with various transitions, most notably from high school to college. This transition is particularly difficult based upon the lack of structure in a post-secondary environment as well as significant changes in the law. The session will discuss various ways that parents, students and educators can address this difficult transition proactively, so that these bright students can not only survive, but thrive based upon their natural potential."

Tudisco is a nationally recognized figure in the disability community and a regular resource for the media on issues involving disability advocacy, special education and criminal justice, according to the release. He is the past chair and current member of CHADD’s Public Policy Committee and a frequent contributor to Attention magazine and still serves on its editorial advisory board. He was also the legal expert columnist for ADDitude magazine from 2007 to 2012. He is a criminal defense and special education attorney and the current deputy town attorney in Eastchester, according to the release.