Eastchester Schools Call On Parents To Enact Reform

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The Eastchester School District is reaching out to local officials to ease the financial burden on schools. Photo Credit: File

EASTCHESTER, N.Y. – The Eastchester School District is calling on parents, students and residents to participate in a letter-writing campaign to local government officials to alleviate the financial burden on schools.

The district is part of the Lower Westchester Education Consortium (LWEC) that was formed last year along with a dozen other school districts. The LWEC seeks to maintain the quality of schools and programs while budgets continue to tighten.

The organization has grown to include Ardsley, Dobbs Ferry, Edgemont, Elmsford, Hastings, Irvington, North Rockland, Rye Neck, the Tarrytowns and Yorktown Central.

The LWEC is calling for state officials to fulfill the commitment to provide mandate relief, which was promised when the tax cap legislation was passed last year. The group is also hopeful of revisiting current mandates with local superintendents to determine which can be eliminated. They want the state to provide funding for mandates that are deemed essential and to avoid imposing new mandates.

Members of the organization are also seeking modifications to the tax cap so it applies to district expenses, not to costs that are state mandated such as pensions.

There are two online forms that can be filled out and sent to Assembly member Amy Paulin, Sen. George Latimer, state Commissioner of Education John King and Gov. Andrew Cuomo. The first letter is in regards to mandate relief, with the second about modifying the tax cap.

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