JCC Of Mid-Westchester/Scarsdale Prepares Students For Admission Inverviews

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Students participate in an admissions interview seminar at the JCC of Mid-Westchester/Scarsdale. Photo Credit: Contributed

SCARSDALE, N.Y. -- The JCC of Mid-Westchester/Scarsdale held a seminar on Sunday, Dec. 8, to help prepare high school students for the college admissions interview process. 

JCC Academic Director Lisa Itzkowitz invited College Interview Counselors (CIC) to present a workshop titled  "College Interview Essentials” that included a Powerpoint presentation and a mock interview. 

Students were taught that the interview process is often the only face-to-face contact they have with an admissions committee and that without one, an applicant's persona can fall through the cracks.

Itzkowitz felt the information provided by CIC founders Kyrie Stillman and Peggy Marx was invaluable to the students who attended. 

"Kyrie and Peggy presented excellent information and valuable tips about all aspects of the college interview process," Itzkowitz said in a statement. "I really think they enlightened students about the importance of both on-campus and alumni interviews. The students were able to apply what they learned by doing mock interviews as part of the workshop.

The program was so successful, Itzkowitz plans to bring the CIC back for another workshop in the spring. 

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