Forbes: Westchester County Boasts Six Billionaires

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George Soros of Katonah is Westchester County's richest resident, according to "Forbes" magazine. Photo Credit: Flickr user World Economic Forum

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. – Westchester County is home to six billionaires, according to the annual list published by Forbes.

Katonah resident and hedge fund manager George Soros topped the list of the county's richest with a net worth of $19.2 billion. Soros is the 16th-richest person in the United States and the 30th-richest person in the world, according to the list.

Daniel Och, chair and CEO of Och-Ziff Capital Management Group and an Ardsley resident, has a net worth of $2.9 billion.

Sleepy Hollow resident David Rockefeller Sr., of Standard Oil has a net worth of $2.7 billion. David Gottesman, CEO of First Manhattan Co. and a resident of Rye, has a net worth of $1.65 billion.

Bloomberg co-founder and Croton-on-Hudson resident Thomas Secunda has a net worth of $1.4 billion. Bedford resident and founder of Trian Fund Management, Nelson Peltz, has a net worth of $1.2 billion.

See Forbes' full list of billionaires here.

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Comments (12)


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Francis T McVetty:

The man, George Soros is a dirt bag. He is no better than Joseph Patrick "Joe" Kennedy, Sr. and the way he obtained his wealth. At least Mr. Kennedy was not out to destroy our country. Just ask the English people what they think of Mr. Soros. He almost bankrupted them with his money manipulation.

Activist Bill:

You're 100% right about Soros. He's a criminal of the worst kind - manipulating financial markets for his own personal gain (most of it tax-free), while causing the oppression of the working people who pay their own taxes AND his.


Hungarian Jew with Nazi ties? Come on "Bill"! Doesn't matter where you live as long as you help people...that goes for all of us!

Activist Bill:

Soros is NOT really Jewish, yet he claims to be. His family "sold" Jews to Nazis during the Hitler years, and Soros admits it but said he regrets it, just doing what he had to do to stay alive.


So how come the Journal News isn't printing a map with directions to their houses, like they did to every legal gun owning American citizen in the area?
Oh yeah, these are the 1%ers that have money to sue them....

Activist Bill:

Soros claims to care so much about the "disadvantaged" people, yet he chooses to live in a billion dollar mansion in Katonah. If he really cared about those people, he should be living in a nice house in Mount Vernon or Yonkers, where he could live among the real working people who pay their taxes and his taxes too. He's a racist through and through. And his ancestral family had close ties to the Nazis in Fascist Germany in the 1930s and 1940s.


Hyperbole much? There is no such thing as a billion dollar house. George Soros is a tremendous philanthropist. He gives millions of dollars to all sorts of progressive causes. And..... he's Jewish, so I highly doubt your Nazi assertions. Really, think before spouting off. Maybe you won't appear to be such a dope.

Activist Bill:

Soros doesn't give anything to anyone or any cause unless it benefits him. He's a one percenter who pays almost NO taxes on his tens of billions of dollars of ill-gained wealth.
And he's NOT really Jewish, yet he claims to be. His family "sold" Jews to Nazis during the Hitler years, and Soros admits it but said he regrets it, just doing what he had to do to stay alive.


Bill - do you have a link to support your assertions? I'd like to learn more. Thanks


Well, of course if Mr. Soros lives in a "billion dollar mansion" in Ketonah he couldn't possibly help "disadvantaged" people. Also, I'm so glad that, unlike Mr. Soros, neither you nor I have any wayward members from either of our "ancestral family" lines for whose presumed dirty deeds we should be held responsible!

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