Westchester Ranks High Among New York's Exciting Places To Live

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Port Chester is among the top 10 places to live in New York, according to a report by Movoto.
Port Chester is among the top 10 places to live in New York, according to a report by Movoto. Photo Credit: Brian Donnelly

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. -- Port Chester is the lone Westchester representative named among the top 10 exciting places to live in New York, according to a report by Movoto.

Six other Westchester locales were also among the 62 locales that were ranked.

Port Chester's music venues including the Capitol Theatre, restaurants such as Tarry Lodge, its famous residents including Ed Sullivan and its young people ages 18 to 34, who make up more than 28 percent of its residents make for an exciting place to live and the No. 3 overall ranking, according to the report. 

Ithaca ranks No. 1 overall, ahead of New York City, which checks in at No. 2. The rankings were confined with locations with populations of more than 25,000. All told, 62 locales were ranked.

Others from Westchester to be ranked were: White Plains at 11, Ossining at 15, New Rochelle at 22, Harrison at 30, Mount Vernon at 35 and Yonkers at 37.

To view the full list of top 10 exciting places to live in New York and the eight criteria used in making the selections, click here. 

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Comments (17)

As for Manhattan nothing need be said as it has it all.
And for Port Chester, it has the best restaurants in all of Westchester. They are mostly Italian or Spanish. As for entertainment you can't beat the Capition theater that features only top talent like PHIL LESH OF THE GRATEFUL DEAD, CHARLES PALMETERI, BOB DYLAN ETC.
Visit when you hungry and want to see a great show afterwards. You'll agree afterwards that it belongs in the top 3 or 2.

Ithaca has both Cornell and Ithaca colleges that are both excellent. They have many nice restaurants and accommodations such as the La Tourelle.
They also have many small restaurants and bars that offer much fun and enjoyment. Then there is the wine trail along the largest of the finger lakes. If you have never been there then you don't know what it is to relax or party.

What kind of headline is THAT? There could not be a more misleading intro into an article, in fact, it borders on complete fiction. STRIKE THAT: It IS total fiction.

False headline... Neither Mount Vernon, Yonkers or New Rochelle are even on the list..read the report by clicking on Movota in 1st paragraph of this article
Here’s the complete list of our top 10 most exciting places in New York:

1. City of Ithaca
2. City of New York
3. Village of Port Chester
4. City of Albany
5. City of Troy
6. City of Poughkeepsie
7. City of Rochester
8. City of Syracuse (tie)
8 .City of Buffalo (tie)
10. City of Elmira

Ossining is NOT an exciting place and I like that way. When I want excitement I get on a southbound train to Manhattan.

Ithaca has a college crowd but when a place is ranked as exciting cause it has "fast food" restaurants I have to laugh and laugh. If this gets one excited then wow! If people in these many upstate places were so excited, than why aren't they doing so well! The article was worth a laugh!

Yes, Mt. Vernon may be exciting. If you like getting shot at!!

Yonkers and Mt Vernon yeah right rampant crime how much did Spano pay to get on the list?

This is just plain silly. An obvious, well-played, attempt by Movoto to increase name recognition.

Westchester is not exiting or awesome just horribly expensive.

This is a joke, right? Ithaca more exciting than one of the biggest, most "exciting" cities in the world?

You're trying to see whether people read your little "factoid" articles or whether we're the dreaded "robots" or "trolls" that try to leave comments on these sort of factoidal articles?

You have space to fill but I really do get tired of seeing these patently ridiculous "articles" linked to as eyeball bait, space filler or just practical joke.

I'll try to have a sense of humor and settle on "joke." Which this little factoidal article certainly is.

Good one, Yonkers Voice!

ummmm, I live in New Ro, and have almost my entire life.....what exactly is so exciting about living here???

Ithaca is more exciting than New York City. Right.

Movato should stop using drugs & seek help.....


For many demographics Port Chester is an exciting place. It does have some great restaurants and the Capitol Theater is a jewel. However I would add Yonkers to the list. Yonkers also has some terrific restaurants, it has the Hudson River, the Hudson River Museum, Empire City Casino plus harness racing at Yonkers Raceway and it has some very lively night life too.

I moved to Yonkers six years ago and I love it. It's got a big city feel without all the big city problems. I can get anything I need at virtually any hour of the day. Yonkers is also crisscrossed by four parkways (Bronx River, Cross County, Saw Mill and Sprain Brook) plus the NYS Thruway. You can get anywhere in Yonkers from anywhere else in Yonkers in 10-15 minutes.

Not only that, I was concerned with the quality of city services when I first arrived. I have since discovered they are excellent. When ever I have needed to contact the City of Yonkers I have been treated courteously and professionally.

I LOVE Yonkers. :>)