Poll: Which Hostess Treat Will You Miss Most, Eastchester?

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Which Hostess treat will you miss the most?
Which Hostess treat will you miss the most? Photo Credit: Flickr user: Mike Licht, NotionsCapital.com

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. -- Now that Hostess Brands has stopped production of its iconic treats, including Twinkies, Ding Dongs, Ho Hos and Snowballs to name just a few, will you go into withdrawal? Are you planning a run to the supermarket right now to stock up on the cream-filled deserts? Which will you miss the most? 


Which Hostess treat will you miss the most?

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Which Hostess treat will you miss the most?

  • Twinkies

  • Ring Dings

  • Devil Dogs

  • Funny Bones

  • Other (list in comments section below)

  • None. Good riddance to junk food

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Comments (18)

I really love what Special you have to offer here. So much  that i deal with too here. This is why i like it.1z0-052 %% 000-115%%

I will surely miss the Twinkies. An agreement has been reached for union and Hostess mediation talks, which gives the business a stay of execution. Despite widespread hysteria, production of Twinkies is most likely not at risk. Article source: Judge orders union and Hostess mediation, saves Twinkie.

I'm still missing Chocodiles.


hostess,cupcake,hostess,cherrypies an lemon pies
an twinkies to.going to miss all.

Kudos to the Union. They take down an iconic American Brand and will now all apply for unemployment benefits to be supported from our tax dollars.

Why did they stop making them?

they wanted to give their employees 18% pay cuts and lower benefit coverage, the employees went on strike, and instead of negotiating the closed their doors.

The shaving cream was healthier for you. I got to sit in the peanut gallery once but there's no tape of the show.

I'll miss Suzy-Q's and Sno-Balls, although the Sno-Balls are a little sweet to my taste these days. I loved the original chocolate cupcakes, though they too are a little too sweet with the icing. I had my first one in 1954 when the "Howdy Doody Show" advertised them. Somehow buffalo Bob's cupcake always had more creme filling than the ones in the package. I found out years later that they added shaving cream to each half of the cupcake so it looked like it had more filling! Truth in advertising?????

With out a doubt I will miss Suzi-Q's the most!!! Few things are better than a frozen suzi-q. I feel like I am losing my childhood friends. I also enjoy a hoho!

Definitely the chocolate cupcakes, but I also liked the ones with the yellow icing. But what will criminal lawyers now do without the "twinkie" defense?

Snowballs, they are the best!

Chocolate cupcakes, I'm sorry to see you go.

My last Hostess purchase year's ago was a blueberry Fruit Pie. Those I will miss. Everything else, not so much.

Ding-Dongs, man. Ding-dongs.