Residents Split Over Eastchester Chain Restaurant Ban

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The decision to ban big chain restaurants has created mixed emotions around Eastchester. Photo Credit: File

EASTCHESTER, N.Y. – Residents around Eastchester are divided over the town’s decision to ban big chain restaurants that have more than 15 locations in the nation.

In an unscientific poll recently conducted by The Daily Voice, 63 percent agreed with the town’s decision, with 31 percent of voters saying that it is a mistake by town officials. Six percent said that they didn’t mind heading to a neighboring town to get their fast food fix.

“I don’t see how they make this decision, especially with the economy the way it is,” Jen Rogers said. “Anything that can drive people to the town to spend money is a good thing.”

Some disagreed with the breadth of the law, saying that while they don’t want to see the golden arches of McDonalds in town, they wouldn’t mind the “fast-casual” restaurants that have become popular eateries.

“I agree that we don’t need the traffic and congestion that might come from a Burger King or Wendy’s,” Sue Flamara said. “It wouldn’t be a bad thing if we had some places around town that we could grab a quick snack at, though.”

The decision to ban chain restaurants has gained national attention, with Town Supervisor Anthony Colavita appearing on the FOX5 morning show last week to talk about the decision.

“Generally speaking, you have a corporate driven architecture, milled décor and a plastic bubble menu,” he said. “It generates a lot of noise, excessive pedestrian and vehicular traffic and diminishes the character of a community.”

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