Tuckahoe Resident Suffers $2,500 Identity Theft

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A Tuckahoe resident reported the identity theft on Tuesday.
A Tuckahoe resident reported the identity theft on Tuesday. Photo Credit: File

TUCKAHOE, N.Y. – A Tuckahoe resident reported to police that he was the victim of identity theft on Tuesday after unauthorized charges showed up on his account. 

According to police, the Washington Street resident had his debit card stolen, and $2,500 was charged to the account at a Walmart out of state. Police currently have no suspects, and the resident is working with bank officials to restore the money to his bank account.

Also on the Tuckahoe police blotter from Oct. 18 through Oct. 24:

"Oops" arrest: A Tuckahoe resident was arrested on a warrant Wednesday morning after he mistakenly showed up for a court appearance a day late. According to police, the man got the dates mixed up, and was released on his own recognizance. “It was an honest mistake, and he is due back in court next week,” a sergeant said. 

Nevermind: A Midland Place resident suffered a scare on Monday when he thought a portable air compressor, valued at $10,000, had been stolen from his property. Police searched for the construction equipment but could not find it. Later in the day, the man was relieved to discover his friend had borrowed the compressor and had failed to notify him. 

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