Chappaqua's Hillary Clinton Has 'Informal' Lunch With Obama

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WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. – Hillary Clinton’s meeting with President Obama on Thursday, May 29, turned out to be an informal lunch, not a “meeting," according to The Washington Post.

People magazine’s Washington bureau chief Sandra Sobieraj Westfall interviewed Clinton, who lives in Chappaqua, on Thursday at Clinton’s Washington home before her scheduled lunch with Obama. After the interview, Westfall tweeted that she hoped she didn’t make Clinton late for her meeting with the president, then People retweeted the statement with the amendment that it was a lunch, not a meeting.

Westfall said that the White House did not ask her to take down the tweet and that she is the one who asked People to clarify Clinton’s visit at the White House.

The White House confirmed the lunch, with an official stating, “The president enjoyed an informal, private lunch with Secretary Clinton at the White House this afternoon.”s

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Comments (18)

They needed to get their Benghazi stories straightened out.

Our next President... Hillary Clinton!!!

Hopefully not. Every time she doesn't want to be held accountable for something she will fall, and her doctor will claim brain damage.


Guess they we're talking about how they screwed this country up!!

agenda 21, what's agenda 21? Wake up sheep, or forever hold your peace.

To what are you referring Mr. Clarke; agenda 21?
This is the website of Hillary Clinton ranting "what difference does it make" comments about the Ambassador and three aides who were murdered in Benghazi.
This is the website [courtesy of ABC] of Mr. Hicks testimony before congress about what really happened that night in Libya.

She should have more meetings and less lunches. Starting to resemble Mama Cass Elliot (as should would look today). Will her first project be telling Americans how to eat?

When she appears in front of Trey Gowdy and the House Select Committee, we'll see how "presidential" she is.

Ah, but then again, I guess that will depend on what the meaning of "is" is.

Either way, this country isn't likely to re-up for another disastrous Democrat, after the last 8 years of Obama's monumental incompetence and buffoonery.

My God, even the N.Y.Times ripped him a new one after that West Point speech.

At the end of the day, can a beat-up old hippie grandma from Wellesley, with more baggage than the Seven Santini Bros., and four years as Secretary of State without a single accomplishment worth talking about (except for her fiasco of lies and misdirection in Libya) get elected?

Fool me once America, shame on me. But Twice?
No way.

she met with him to tell him she's running for president. and she will be your next president.

Hillary Clinton will be disgraceful President, just as she was a disgraceful Secretary of State.

she would be the greatest president since FDR. and she was one of the best secretaries of State we've had in decades. She had to clean up the PR mess from Bush ruining this countries reputation around the world and did an incredible job at reestablishing are tattered relationships with other countries . and if you bring up bengazi, and voted for Bush twice, I think that actually disqualifies you from talking anymore. There were far more killings at embassies under bush and regan and republicans voted to defund security at embassies, that's why behgazi happened

but I don't supposed that's what you're hearing on your faux news channel which is basically as reliable as the onion

I take it you support her candidacy, GreenburghDad. What do you feel are her most compelling attributes and how would you position Mrs Clinton to the electorate?clearly she's polarizing - how would you neutralize that?

They are both such liars that they can't even tell the truth about having a meeting.