Cuomo Camp Aims To Define Westchester's Astorino, Reports NY Times

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Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino
Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino Photo Credit: File Photo

WESTCHESTER, N.Y. -- Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino is facing a "truth squad" from Gov. Andrew Cuomo's camp, according to The New York Times. 

A group from Cuomo's camp, known as the "Astorino Truth Squad," sent out a "denunciation of (Astorino's) record," when Astorino announced his candidacy in March, according to the report.  

Astorino accepted the Republican designation to run for governor and "allies of Mr. Cuomo, a Democrat seeking a second term, are already mounting a campaign to define Mr. Astorino for voters, before he can define himself," according to the report. 

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Comments (9)

Astorino doesn't have a chance.

I believe Andy Spano said the same thing in 2009.

Looks like King Cuomo II is vastly underestimating Rob Astorino. Just as Andy Spano did.....lets hope the outcome is the same. The King won't even speak Rob's name, as if that would be lowering himself to a lowly commoners level.

Right you are Kate...there's a new site up in NY you might be interested in checking take on the reigning dynasty we call Governor.

Pinocchio would have a blast following both candidates

This article is Hilarious...Truth Squad?! This "Squad" eminating from a Governor who disbanded The Moreland Commission barely a month ago. The Commission was set up with the focus of fighting unethical behaviour common in Albany, the Judiciary, Campaign financing and hundreds of other issues which need to be addressed in New York State. THIS is the Governor who said" It's my commission and I can do what I like with a Commission I started" (in other words)- so he did....he disbanded it. There are articles all over the internet on it. I personally think Gov. Cuomo ought to exchange his goons for truth for a good "ad man" .... I hope Astorino picks up on's truly hilarious.

ABC - Anyone But Cuomo. And after Election Day, I hope it's another ABC - Astorino Beats Cuomo.

Cuomo can do his worst, and Rob will come out on top. Rob is a leader; Cuomo is a leftist Dem hack.

The Cuomo camp is ugly. Astorino needs to break through Cuomo's veil of smoke and mirrors along with his false advertising campaign. Cuomo's tenure as Secretary of HUD should be a clue to his unworthiness.
"A HUD employee characterized Cuomo's tenure 'as all show and very self-promoting. He always was a politician.' In 2000. Cuomo's HUD administration issued 302 press releases in 331 working days. Most of these releases contained headlines touting Cuomo, not the president. In a move reminiscent of Samuel Pierce, Cuomo spent $900,000 in taxpayer money on a brochure detailing his own accomplishments."

In addition, as Secretary of HUD, Cuomo mandated 40% of mortgage loans be for low income applicants (subprime) thus advancing the Housing Collapse!