Democrats Claim Astorino's Radio Jobs Conflict With County Exec Duties

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Westchester Democrats are attacking Rob Astorino saying his consulting work is a conflict with his responsibilities as County Executive.
Westchester Democrats are attacking Rob Astorino saying his consulting work is a conflict with his responsibilities as County Executive. Photo Credit: File

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. -- Westchester County Democrats Pete Harckham (D-North Salem) and Ken Jenkins (D-Yonkers) announced they intend to hold hearings to determine if County Executive Rob Astorino is delinquent of duty. 

The call for hearings comes on the heels of a published report that Astorino earned approximately $30,000 a year as a consultant for a major media corporation, Connecticut-based Townsquare Media, which owns 312 radio stations, more than 30 of which are located in upstate New York.

Democrats have been taking Astorino to task since February 2014 over his time spent campaigning and consulting instead of keeping his attention at the county level. 

“I think it’s time for County Executive Astorino to come clean about a number of serious issues, including how much time each week he is devoting to campaigning and working as an outside consultant,” Harckham said in a statement. “Westchester residents deserve to know whether their County Executive is truly ‘on the job’ or not.”

Jenkins and Harckham said they will seek to find out if Astorino received permission or a waiver from the Westchester County Ethics Board to have a second job while fulfilling his responsibilities as Westchester County Executive.

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Comments (11)

I'd say that he's not engaged in local issues. He's not on the job.

It would help if Astorino stood up to developers like Martin Ginsburg. He would be standing up against polluters of the Hudson River and protecting our valuable wetlands in Yonkers, NY. These are the important issues.

It would be really nice if we could stick to the issues and stop the personal attacks and back biting. What are these candidates going to do to make our state a great place to live? What's their vision?

I think the Dems have inspired a "backfire" issue here. Mr. Astorino's additional Consulting, which he does well, only supports the fact that he is a WORKING man....Cuomo continues to hide in Albany, as he did in the last Gubernatorial election, doing God Knows What, saying nothing and keeping out of sight, just waiting for the election to be over...he believes he is a shoo-in. Mr. Astorino takes responsibility for the County, campaigns, speaks intelligently, publicly and often regarding issues, and has a media responsibility. I, for one, want a Governor who WORKS, not hides. It's time for a Change if New Yorkers don't want this State nosediving. The latest CNBC poll puts New York nearly dead-last as desirable States to live in, along with the desirablity of the business climate. These are jobs. A State cannot exist without the Corporate Presence. You'd see how quickly the layoffs begin at the State level if Corporations stop coming's time to do the homework.

Cuomo and his statist leftist ilk, namely the Dems, are real pieces of garbage. The Dems can run roughshod over all NY and federal laws, but Rob's radio gig...which has been an open book for 5 years...needs to be investigated. Really? Vote for Rob in 2014! Send a message to these mutants in Albany!

Democrats have been taking Astorino to task since February 2014...
Tom (lyon)

It's over. Cuomo has raised over 10 times the amount of Bob's campaign. Say good night Bobby.

That's correct which means you don't need to vote in November. A real sleeper right? Over before it started.


Shelly Silver has steadfastly refused to give up his extremely lucrative job at his slip and fall law firm, although it's in direct conflict with his position. And no one in Albany, the corruption capitol, seems to have a problem with it. Including King Cuomo II. Tort reform you say? How dare you, not while Shelley's around controlling things.

Grasping at straws and showing signs of desperation. Wonder which Cuomo campaign strategist thought of this not-so-original gem.

Harckham's the hack. He's absolutely worthless on the BoL.

btw, its been nice not hearing or reading about Ken Jenkins since he's in the minority now. So glad he's out of the majority.