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Vice President Joe Biden and Congressman Paul Ryan sparred in debate Thursday.
Vice President Joe Biden and Congressman Paul Ryan sparred in debate Thursday. Photo Credit: Matt Zalaznick from CBS broadcast

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. ‒ Vice President Joe Biden and Republican Congressman Paul Ryan faced off Thursday night in a debate at Centre College in Danville, Ky. Did Biden win the Democrats' momentum back, or did Ryan strike a victory for Romney? 


Who won the vice presidential debate?

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Who won the vice presidential debate?

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What is astounding is how the wool is covering the American peoples eyes. None of the Candidates will actually address real issues in the debates, such as the rapid implementation of a Marxist/Fascist Police State on this nation.
The Constitutionally illegal use of American troops in Libya as another example.
The astounding use of Federal Grants to companies who then donate to the Obama Junta and then go Bankrupt and wish to retain the tax losses as a shelter for their other companies. (Solyndra)
From a Libertarians perspective Martha Raddatz was decidedly one sided towards Biden, which could be expected, as they are personnel friends.
People refer to Ryan as a Conservative and that is incorrect, based on his voting record.
He is a moderate.
The United States Government in my lifetime, 1938-2012 has gone from a somewhat benevolent entity to a crime syndicate unparalleled in World History and is so far from our foundational principles and adhering to Our Constitution as to having become an enemy of those citizens who cherish true freedom.
The American People lose when we are forced into this bi-axis
debate without participation from third party candidates.

Martha Raddatz was in the tank for Biden and proved it repeatedly by constantly interrupting Ryan, not allowing him to finish any sentence, changing subjects and constantly helping Biden. Biden was like a drunk in the bar you try to avoid. As a Democrat I was embarrassed by his rude and poor behavior.

Citizen Jeanne, I completely agree with you. Substance aside, Biden appeared relaxed, confident, knowledgeable, experienced and completely comfortable in his own skin. To me, Ryan looked like a deer in the headlights with all his head-bobbing and sipping water. He seemed nervous, rehearsed and inauthentic. As far as Biden's reactions, frankly if someone was lying like that right in front of me I would have laughed in his face too. Put all that together with Ryan's anachronistic Republican agenda toward women's health and you have someone I want as far away from the oval office as possible. I find it ironic that Republicans talk about not wanting big government and regulations, and yet they want government regulating and dictating women's health issues and demanding procedures (invasive ultrasounds e.g.). I cannot understand for a second why ANY woman would vote for such an agenda. And gentlemen, would you allow such dictates to be shoved on you if there were regulations regarding your penis. Think about it!!

@ siojan, "dictating women's health issues" wanting someone to pay for their OWN birth control ? She was going to an Ivy league school, if she can afford the tuition to go there , she can afford the birth control pills!!!

What are you talking about, the student in DC? Who's the 'she' that you are referring to? I am talking about women's health care across the board. Please get educated and turn off Rush.

As Peggy Noonan put it: draw on substance, but Biden was the loser for being a complete jerk. I totally agree with her. Biden was immature and disrespectful to Ryan. Substance wise- it was a draw: simply a liberal vs. a conservative. I really hope Biden shapes up because he and Obama are acting nothing like leaders. However, both Romney and Ryan were very presidential in their appearances. Let's hope America chooses the right ticket

Obama and Biden want America to become Europe! They don't like this America, but last I checked Europe is in financial turmoil! And let's not forget that the Middle East is burning! Can't hide behind blaming Bush anymore!

Does it matter who won? We, the people, are the losers.

What debate was Citizen Jeanne watching? For anyone to say the Vice President won on facts and style only shows what a brain dead partisan they are. The "facts" such as having no prior warning from anybody at the consulate in Libya before the killings is insulting to the American public. His "style" was boorish and crude with all the interruptions and childish laughing. If Citizen Jeanne is a typical President Obama supporter then that answers why the middle class has been crushed for the last four years. Thank you Joe Biden.

The Libya debacle is a scandal of immense proportions. The Obama Regime is responsible for the deaths of 4 Americans, including an Ambassador and 2 Navy SEALS. They will pay for their perfidy.

Vice Presdient Biden clearly won the debate on facts, substance, experience and style. Representative Ryan refused to answer questions in a straightforward manner and he was woefully ignorant of the facts with regard to Afghanistan and other foreign policy questions to a terrifying extent. In addition to his extremist and unrealistic positions, I cannot imagine such a lightweight in the Oval Office!

Ms. Raddatz was an excellent moderator, although I thought two of her questions were entirely unnecessary - the one on the candidates religious positions with regard to abortion and the one about what kind of man each one was. The time could have been spent on a more substantive discussion regarding a woman's right to control her own body and access to women's healthcare needs including birth control.

@Citizen Jeanne: The congressman was NOT allowed to answer the questions. Between the Vice president and the "moderator" interrupting him, he never really had the chance. Biden needs to go back on his meds, where did he think he was, in the senate?

Martha Raddatz was the winner. She did an excellent job and should be given the opportunity again.

@ BobG given the opportunity to interrupt people in the middle of their answers? When you act as a moderator you let people finish their answer , even if you don't like their answer. It was obvious, from here interruptions of congressman Ryan answers, that she was a partisan.