'Rob Astorino For Governor' Launches Campaign Website

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The homepage of RobAstorino.com now has a heading that reads 'Rob Astorino for Governor.'
The homepage of RobAstorino.com now has a heading that reads 'Rob Astorino for Governor.'
Westchester County Executve Rob Astorino is considering running for New York Governor.
Westchester County Executve Rob Astorino is considering running for New York Governor. Photo Credit: Zak Failla

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. -- Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino has still not declared he will run for governor this fall, but visitors to RobAstorino.com might think otherwise.

A campaign committee for a potential Astorino gubernatorial bid launched a website Thursday that has the heading, "Rob Astorino for Governor."

The site, which has the same RobAstorino.com address used for Astorino's re-election campaign for county executive, is paid for by the campaign committee, Campaign Spokesman William O'Reilly told Daily Voice Thursday.

Astorino launched the committee Feb. 3 and appointed, Michael Lawler, former state Republican Party executive director, to manage it. He is expected to make a final decision by the end of February or early March.

"We had to start the committee in order to start collecting money into the exploratory committee," O'Reilly said. 

The Republican has a little over $1 million in the bank as of his last filing and will be releasing updated figures in March. He raised $7 million for his re-election campaign in 2013. 

Astorino has intensified his criticism of Gov. Andrew Cuomo in recent weeks in speeches at a state GOP fundraiser and the 13th annual Westchester Business Council’s KeyBank Breakfast, both in January. He has also taken to Twitter to take jabs at his potential Democratic opponent. 

State Conservative Party Chairman Mike Long said he will back Astorino if he runs, according to the New York Post.

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Comments (18)

Go Rob! We need to unite to defeat the statist, left-wing , death spiral that has gripped this state. When de Blasio makes Cuomo look like Reagan! you know we are in dire straits.

Rob needs to run on a platform of economic growth, repealing the SAFE Act (as it is blatantly unconstitutional), and approving fraking in western NY. Those are winning policies in November.

The only shot this state has at long-term fiscal survival is getting a guy like Astorino into the governor's mansion. And we need to change many of the faces in the legislature and state senate. Like that CROOK Sheldon Silver. What Rob would attempt to do for this state would be akin to what Christie has done for NJ: take on the unions (especially the teacher's union), offer meaningful pension reform, tax reform and root out corruption that Cuomo has only given lip service to. We need a right to work law. We need fracking. We need to make this the empire state again. Otherwise, get used to that giant sucking sound with respect to population. I will join the retreat within the next 10-15 years if nothing changes.

You are back? Maybe I will expose who you are when I choose.

Rob Astorino is an awesome choice... especially when you compare him to the governor we are currently dealing with.

Here's the reality: Most recently, we have seen outrage over Cuomo's Common Core, and his refusal to stop this top-down government indoctrination, data collection and dumbing down of standards regarding our greatest asset - our children. Under Cuomo, NY has experienced the demise of 39,453 NY state businesses in 2012 alone. Cuomo has raided $1.75 billion from the reserves of the already over-budget State Insurance Fund (SIF), and is now raising Workers’ Compensation business costs a staggering 10%. Cuomo can not even hold on to his democratic majority, which is in the middle of a sexual harassment and corruption scandal, with "show-me-the-money culture" and "pay-to-play politics" throughout Albany. Cuomo has disenfranchised the Northern and Western part of New York with his ill-conceived and hastily prepared unSAFE Act. He has been unable to obtain funding for the flood-stricken residents of upstate New York after being caught using 40 million in Sandy aid for a self-promotion campaign. Cuomo is afraid to take a stand and make a decision either way with respect to Marijuana or Fracking. No matter what your position is, Cuomo has left New Yorkers with no resolution to these issues, or the ability to move forward. NY has experienced a 67% surge in Food Stamp users, and unbelievably, Cuomo is fighting to cease fingerprinting requirements which combat double-dipping and identity fraud. Cuomo has broken all state records for “soft money” contributions which skirt campaign rules, despite his campaigning to end this practice. In classic Cuomo style, he has given $420 million in NY tax revenues to Film and Television interests, only to have them among his biggest campaign contributors. Cuomo is now listed as one of the worst governors in America by the left-leaning good-government group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington. New York has the highest taxes in the nation, is the most indebted state, with 33 percent of income dedicated to borrowing. It is ranked as the least "business-friendly" state in the country and if that were not bad enough NY has the distinction of being the least free state in the union, and is called the "Nanny State" with politicians legislating what we eat and drink. Municipal governments from Nassau County to Yonkers to Syracuse are teetering on the brink of bankruptcy. And during Mr. Cuomo's time in office, unemployment has risen above the national average. 9% of the state's year 2000 population left for another state between 2000 and 2011 — the highest such figure in the nation, according to the study by George Mason's independent libertarian-leaning Mercatus Center. Currently, 8,705 people per month leave NY State for other states that have greater opportunities, less taxes and fewer regulations, and that’s why we are about to lose our population ranking to Florida in the very near future. This election season, please remember your ABC’s (Anyone But Cuomo) when it comes time to vote. Cuomo’s Gotta GO!

Cut-n-Pasting from Rush Limbaugh? Astorino has zero chance. Only fun in it is going to be waiting for his Chris Christie moment.

I don't care if Rob runs or doesn't run for Governor. I do resent the fact that my taxpayer dollars are going to pay his $160,000 a year salary (and perks) and he's going to be devoting full time attention to his race for Governor. His campaign should pay his salary.
Westchester has many problems--the bond rating has been downgraded (Moody's) for the first time in decades. The federal government has denied local governments HUD CDBG funding. The county has not approved the town of Greenburgh's lease so we can convert the WESTHELP housing complex into affordable housing. The town is going to lose millions of dollars in revenue because of county inaction. The county is not helping our town solve important problems.
Greenburgh Town Supervisor

How many times do you want to post the same message? You of all people as a town supervisor should know that these tasks are not mutually exclusive- running a town/county and campaigning are not 9-5 jobs. One day might be negotiating with legislators during the day and attending a fundraising dinner at night, another day might be greeting voters at a train station in the morning and coordinating a storm response at night. Rob would not be the first politician to attempt multitasking, and I have a feeling he'd be better at it than most. I have no doubt that the county's business will continue to get done (and effectively too) if he is campaigning for governor.

Sour grapes, Paul. If it were the other way around, with a Republican incumbent and a Democratic challenger, you wouldn't say a word.

Basically you are saying that no office holder can run for another office. Were you upset when Obama ran for president while collecting his senator salary? I don't believe his campaign reimbursed the taxpayers.

from Wikipedia: A similar theory was proposed by Scott Adams, creator of the Dilbert cartoon series. In his 1996 book, The Dilbert Principle, Adams suggested that "the least smart people are promoted, simply because they’re the ones you don't want doing actual work." In other words people are promoted because of their incompetence in their current role, rather than their competence.

The Peter Principle is alive and well.

Come on Rob ....announce already, stop pussyfooting around.... by the time you announce everybody will yawn and go ho hum.... yes, you have done a good job in Westchester, don't think it will get you elected Governor though...

Mr Maur
Respectfully, you couldn't be more wrong. Rob Astorino has done more for the residents of Westchester DESPITE Andrew Cuomo's gimmicks - tax cap? Don't think so, Tax free zones? Read the fine print. Rob has assembled a bipartisan coalition on the County Board, ending Ken Jenkins' reign of ridiculousness. Unlike Cuomo, Astorino is a problem solver. He has reduced the size of County government saving us millions, he has reduced taxes yet maintained, and in sone cases, increased the social safety net, and he has stimulated business growth in the county - which is the ONLY way we can make Westchester a far more livable place for a diverse population He is more than capable of campaigning and managing the county in a conscientious and expert manner, something that cannot be said for Cuomo.

I agree Villager... Rob is a hard working, honest guy that I believe would be a very smart alternative to Cuomo.

Thank you, Mr Zaleski, and also for your thoughtful comments and fact- based assessment of the damage Cuomo has wrought on NY State. This is no longer a game of politics; it is a pivotal time in our state and nation's history. I sincerely wish people of all stripes would be more considerate of the facts and recognize the consequences of their votes.

I am an unabashed Astorino booster, and I think he'd make a great Governor, but after Cuomo finishes his second term. This is not politically smart, and reveals a bit of naiveté on Astorino's part. Reminds me of when Pirro got suckered into running statewide, by consultants and Party bosses and Washington DC types who were more interested in advancing their own agenda.
Rob, please reconsider, and take your shot in four years. I'll be 100% behind you then, but not now.

This guy will not be elected Governor and should resign County Executive job which I feel he ran for but obviously did not plan on working at as he will now devote his full time to electioneering, money raising and running for governor leaving little time for doing the peoples' work for Westchester County.

What would that accomplish? You'd probably want to bring on Noam to run the show. Well guess what? That ain't happening.