Eastchester: Register To Vote Online

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An initiative by Gov. Andrew Cuomo allows citizens to register to vote online through the New York Department of Motor Vehicles website.
An initiative by Gov. Andrew Cuomo allows citizens to register to vote online through the New York Department of Motor Vehicles website. Photo Credit: Jessica Glenza

WESTCHESTER, N.Y. – An initiative from Gov. Andrew Cuomo will allow New Yorkers to register to vote online. The initiative eliminates handwritten voter registration forms used at the Department of Motor Vehicles and replaces them with online applications and computer terminals available at the DMV.

"Today, we are knocking down longstanding barriers that have prevented many New Yorkers from participating in the democratic process, while creating a more streamlined and more efficient system that will save taxpayers' money," Cuomo said.

According to the governor's office, New York ranks 47th in voter registration, with less than 64 percent of eligible voters registered to vote. The DMV processes about 300,000 voter registration applications per year, with motor vehicle documents. The governor's office said the process is "prone to human error, delays and, in some cases, to applications not getting processed."

Citizens with a valid New York state driver's license or identification card can register to vote online, using the "MyDMV" website. The secure online account created through the website will be validated through verification of personal information, such as date of birth, Social Security number, address and license document numbers. About 700,000 New Yorkers currently have MyDMV accounts.

At DMV offices, voter registration will be processed through VeriFone computer terminals. The governor's office said that, once the system is fully in place, the terminals will send the voter registration application directly to the respective county board of elections. Signatures from driver's licenses and ID cards will be used in electronic voter registration applications as a replacement for a traditional signature.

Until the system is fully in place, the applications will be sent electronically to the DMV central office in Albany, printed out and mailed to the county boards of elections. Currently, the applications are mailed from 129 individual DMV locations to county boards of elections, where the data are then manually entered into a database.

"Governor Cuomo asked the Department of Motor Vehicles to re-examine how we did business and to find ways to make government more accessible to the public," said DMV Commissioner Barbara J. Fiala. "Getting away from paper applications and making use of the technology we are announcing today will improve efficiency, be cost effective, and better serve the people of New York State."

Douglas Colety, Republican Board of Elections Commissioner for Westchester County, could not be reached for comment.

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Comments (9)

But frankly, as a very busy person who always finds time to study the candidates and make it to the polls, there is just no excuse for failing to vote. Less than one-third of New York’s registered voters just picked our federal and state elected representatives.
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Harris Rubinroit is very outspoken but not too creative. I've seen this same post at least 6 times--even attached to an article about a school board race outside of Croton!
If Mr. Davis actually knew what the budget process entails (which he should if he has attended so many board meetings) he would be aware that the proposed budget is submitted by the Village Manager to the Village Board. The trustees must then pare it down to an acceptable size for to retain services and keep taxpayers from over paying. Ann Gallelli and the current VB got the proposed budget down over 5% last year.

Will SCYTL Count the Vote? After all, its not who votes that count, it's who Counts the Vote...

In the race for the Croton Board of Trustees, it's exciting to see support growing for Kevin Davis' Campaign for the Croton Board. After 6 years of attending Board Meetings, Kevin, a 3rd-Generation Crotonite, is very knowledgeable on the issues and is determined to make a positive contribution in Croton.

During this hot and humid summer, Kevin has been going door-to-door meeting Croton residents and listening to what's on our minds. Kevin understands that rapidly growing taxes must be prevented.

Kevin offers New Ideas and Energy, and an Independent Voice to the Board. Go Kevin Davis Go!

we also need "vote by mail" here in New York state as they have in many other states in programs that have been overwhelmingly successful

Can someone please tell us how many online votes has gone to Congress?
Best regards,
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