Hospital Addition On Track In Eastchester Despite Lawsuit

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This artist's rendering gives an approximate estimate of what the new addition will look like in Bronxville.
This artist's rendering gives an approximate estimate of what the new addition will look like in Bronxville. Photo Credit: Lillibridge

BRONXVILLE, N.Y. – Despite an outstanding lawsuit opposing it, officials at Lawrence Hospital Center are proceeding with plans to add a $34 million surgical and cancer care center.

According to a lawsuit brought to the state Supreme Court by residents, the village, the Bronxville Planning Board and the hospital were all named in a suit for allegedly failing to conduct a complete environmental review before the plan was approved in December.

The lawsuit, which was filed in January, was brought on by neighbors of the hospital who aren’t eager to see a 40,000-square-foot addition to the hospital. Plaintiffs are arguing that the addition will change the character of Bronxville with extra traffic, noise and light.

Pondfield Road resident Erin Kraft said that she understood why some closer to the area might be opposed to the addition, but supported it herself.

“In our small village, it’s certainly going to stand out a little bit,” she said about the addition. “It might be an inconvenience at first, but in the long run it can’t hurt to have a state of the art medical facility this close to home.”

There was a brief groundbreaking celebration last week that brought out more than 100 friends and supporters of the proposal. If completed, a new pavilion will take up nearly a quarter of the hospital’s 3.5-acre property, where the north wing stood for nearly a century until it was torn down in 1978.

Officials from the Bronxville Planning Board did not immediately respond to inquiries from The Daily Voice.

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Wake up, Bronxville! This is a BAD hospital getting BIGGER! Does anyone care about the hospital's ratings? Check US News and World Reports - they perform worse than expected or MUCH worse than expected in almost every area. They count on the fact that they are in BRONXVILLE to keep going - has anyone seen their television ad? How many hospitals do you know that advertise based on their LOCATION? This expansion will be a disaster for all Bronxville residents - the traffic nightmare will last for 2 years (at least) and it will be impossible just to pass from the east side to the west side of Bronxville by car. The fact that there has not been a full environmental review is inexcusable. What effect will this have on flooding in the area after the hospital starts cutting down trees and eliminates what's left of the green space?