Eastchester And Tuckahoe Schools To Lose Vacation Days

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Schools will stay open during part of winter and spring breaks in Eastchester due to days lost after Hurricane Sandy. Photo Credit: File

EASTCHESTER, N.Y. – Eastchester schools will be open during February break to make up for days lost after Hurricane Sandy.

State law mandates that schools be in session no less than 180 days, including Personal Development Days. In lieu of this requirement, the district announced that schools will be open on Feb. 21 and 22 and May 3. Two snow days were used during the week of the storm.

If more school closings occur before these dates, there will be additional makeup days on Feb. 20 and 19, in that order.

In a letter to parents, Superintendent Marilyn C. Terranova acknowledged the potential inconveniences caused by these changes.

“Please note that impending legislation granting waivers for lost school days due to the storm will likely relate to school financial aid, not makeup days,” she said. “We know that this change in our school calendar may be inconvenient for our staff, students and family, but hope you understand our dilemma.”

A decision regarding makeup days in the Tuckahoe School District is expected soon, though it looks like they will occur during Winter or Spring Recess.

Superintendent Edward J. Reilly asked parents not to make irreversible vacation plans for either of those breaks, which take place from Feb. 18 through 22 and March 25 through 29, respectively. Every subsequent snow day that needs to be used will also replace vacation days.

“I will be working with our administrators, teachers and CSEA staff to define appropriate instructional makeup days for our students,” he said. “We will notify all staff, parents and guardians in the first week of December as to exactly when those days will take place.”

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