Eastchester Elementary Students Introduced To Classics

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Maureeen Moser explains the derivation of words to Eastchester fourth graders. Photo Credit: Contributed

EASTCHESTER, N.Y. - For the last two months, Eastchester fourth grade students at Anne Hutchinson Elementary School have received a crash course in classic literature and languages from a local parent.

To supplement the fourth grade spelling lists that are derived from Greek and Latin words, Classicist Maureen Moser – mother of fourth grade student Julia – has present a series of workshops to Nelva Lagerwey’s fourth-grade class at the elementary school.

Moser explained the history behind the spread of first Greek, and later Lain, around the western world. Students studied the letters of the Greek alphabet and transliterated the Greek roots of certain spelling words.

Students were introduced to the stories of Aeneas and Romulus, and later discussed the Colosseum and gladiatorial fighting. The Latin influence in the English language was explored, ranging from the names of planets to the derivation between the days of the week and words that begin with “circum-“ and “porto-.”

At the students’ behest, workshops concluded with a reading of “Tres Ursi” – The Three Little Bears – in Latin.

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